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If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve dreamed of having a destination wedding in Hawaii. Who hasn’t; even people that live in Hawaii dream about it! Here at Opihi Love, we strive to give each of our brides the wedding of their dreams; that’s why we’ve teamed up with The Pop-Up Wedding Co.! What is a “pop-up wedding” you ask? It’s our way of giving you the destination wedding, without the destination price. The sought after venue, gorgeous florals, and nationally recognized photographer are just some of the features you find all inclusive in these packages.

On December 12, 2015, we’ll be hosting one of these pop-up weddings on the Big Island of Hawaii. The venue is Puakea Ranch, located on the picturesque Kona side of the island. Recognized by Fodor’s 100 and Sunset Magazine, we’re sure it’s just the ranch wedding you’ve envisioned, with an island twist of course.

For more information regarding this destination wedding package, click here!

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Photos by Brandon Chesbro

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