Opihi Love Easter Inspired Shoot

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It’s been done for the opening of Gatsby, Hunger Games, and even Frozen {do you automatically start singing Let It Go?}. Bridal shoots that depict the style, glamour, and theme for each movie. We all get caught up in the tiny little details, the perfect table settings, and the bride’s designer gown.

With Easter Sunday, and the release of  a multitude of religious inspired movies, we decided to do a photo shoot with a focus on the Holiness of marriage.  All the details are here, the personal touches, the table décor, and the vignettes.  The entire shoot was created with a group of vendors, who all walk in faith.

The ceremony was respectfully set in front of a constructed eight foot driftwood cross, with an array of red, purple and green florals.  The Church pew was a nice nod to the traditional church setting. Our tablescape included vintage china, gold flatware, and chameleon chairs from Winter’s Events. . Replacing a traditional dinner menu, was a custom “Menu For Life”  recipe, designed by Written Word Calligraphy. A vintage communion tray was graced with touches of candles, florals, and traditional crosses.
Our take for a dessert display was a communion table, representing the sweetness of a couple’s love, and God’s favor. This communion table included the bread (body of Christ), and red wine (blood of Christ). Hundred year old family Bibles were used to represent the Word, and placement of time specific food were brought to the table.

This inspirational Easter themed photo shoot reflects the union of a couple’s hearts and lives. It represents a willingness to keep a commitment that makes the two of them one, and one with faith.

Wedding Dress Design: Joelle Perry
Jewelry: Sophie Grace Designs
Traditional Rentals: Winters Events                                                                                                                                                           Paper Goods & Calligraphy: Written Word Calligraphy
Boutique Rental: Opihi Love
H&M: Meili Autum
Photography: Jenna Michelle Photography                                                                                                                                         Venue: Ka Hale Olinda


Mahalo to our models Tiffany & Cory!  Thank you Jenna!










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Opihi Love Wedding Feature Insights

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We get asked by brides all the time at Opihi Love how can they get their weddings featured or published?  Here are our top three suggestions for a successful wedding submission.

{1} Details! Every blog or magazine is looking for something that will inspire their readers.  It’s your one-of-a-kind ideas that are either on trend or could potentially start a trend (you never know – someone had to start the edison light bulb trend..right?!).  Our advice: Look at your personal love – what is special about the relationship you have with your fiance? What are your favorite things to do together? How can you create a moment at your wedding, where the guests say, “Oh that’s so {bride & groom name here}”.  That’s the extra touch that no one else can duplicate!                                                                                                    
{2} Work with your photographer! Chances are they have been published before and know the “process”. They will also know which blog or magazine is most appropriate for your wedding style. We would all love to be in Martha Stewart Weddings but that might not be the best fit for YOUR wedding!  

{3} Follow the submission process! Again, read the blog submission process and make sure you follow it.  Editors & Publishers get thousands of submissions a week, you want to make it easy for them to select your wedding.

Want more insight? Take a look at Jasmine Stars Blog with Green Wedding Shoes blogger Jen Campbell.

If for some reason your wedding is not selected by your favorite blog or magazine- don’t take it personal, your wedding is more than a feature, it’s about the LOVE you and your partner committed to each other on a very special day!

JM_Wedding Done-413-L

Jessica Meisels & Matt Halliday – Four Seasons Wedding

This beautiful Four Seasons Wedding was featured on Brides.com and Carats & Cake.

Photo Credit: Ashley Camper Photography

….for the love of it!

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This blog post isn’t about SEO’s, or Blushing Brides {which I adore}, this is about the love of it.  What’s “it”?  It is the passion I have, to be able to give everyone {even my kids} the love, that their special occasions deserve. I want my girls to know the special moments in their young lives are just as important as the beautiful weddings they’ve seen me prepare for.

Over the top for a three year old’s birthday – absolutely!  To me, it is about creating moments… as you peruse the photo’s by Trish Barker Photography , every moment of my Nohea’s special day was captured beautifully! The stare down with the goat, the silent moment on the bench eating a strawberry, or the exchange of love with the classic donkey.  You do all of this for the love of it!

xoxo ~ Melissa

Thank you Bella Bloom Boutique, Miss B Calligraphy, Cakefanatics, Leilani Animal Sanctuary, and of course my friend Trish Barker.

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